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SANDARC Official Tri-Fold 2013/14

January 2012 QST Page 99

 The San Diego Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC) has donated 77 ARRL General Class license Manuals to be placed in each of the City and County Libraries. This is the fourth time that SANDARC has purchased these books to be donated 10 local area libraries. In recent years, every time the question pool has been updated for the Technician, General and Amateur Extra class, SANDARC has donated the latest study guide. -Paul Rios, KC6QLS Click here for full page 99 PDF file

Santee Street Fair was held on 5-28 2011

As you will see in the picture, we used SANDARC’s newly acquired sign, tent, tables, and chairs for this event. Set up crew arrived early to set up. A few of the clubs had Tri-Folds available and these were handed out. As individuals approached the booth, they were asked if they would like a sticker and most of the kids were happy to receive one. Then, the parents would inquire about what Amateur Radio is and what we do and we explained it to them. Some of the folks already knew about Amateur Radio from a parent, spouse, neighbor or relative, and some were interested in getting their own license or asked about a club in their area because they were already licensed. So we gave them the appropriate Tri-Fold for their part of town, answered any questions they may have had, and folks thanked us and moved on to the next booth. SANDARC Chair, Mike, N6OPH stopped by to say hi and check out SANDARC's new booth set up.

I would like to thank SANDARC members, Stogie, AJ6AX, PAPA; Len, K5WFW, ARES; Omer, KI6YZJ, CERT; Ann, KG6TBG, Six Shooters; and to round it all off I represented the LARC.

Paul, KC6QLS

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Amateur Radio Library Display

| Serra Mesa San Diego Branch Library | Mission Valley San Diego Branch Library |

With the success of the Amateur Radio Display, as will be seen in the upcoming article in QST, I have put together the following information. It took me many hours to gather the information and to confirm the facts. You will find a list of AMATEUR RADIO in the HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT of all the known times Amateur Radio was talked or had a part in Hollywood clips.

I will add to the list as I find more or you send me the ones that you know of.

You will also find Mode Sheets. Each sheet is set up so you can print it up and display it right off the Color Printer. I mounted all the print out on very colorful paper, it tends to attract the publics eyes.

Have a few radios set ups with the next FIND THE PARTS sheets, You open up a radio and pinpoint the parts listed on the sheet, and they love to see what makes it work. You will find most of the work is done for you. You will need to fill in some of the blanks in the worksheets. You will need information like where your local test are given, local classes, a list of local clubs, and up coming events. It also helps to have some Newsletters and some handouts like some of the ARRL brochures. Make sure you have something for the kids. All handouts are in pdf format.

Together we can get more people involved in Amateur Radio.

Paul Rios, KC6QLS QST Magazine Write Up December 2008

Amateur Radio Display at the Serra Mesa San Diego Branch Library
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Amateur Radio Display at the Mission Valley San Diego Branch Library
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If you know of a library that wishes to have an Amateur Radio display booked at their branch, please have them contact SANDARC.
Past Del Mar Fair
For many years SANDARC had a booth at the Del Mar Fair displaying Amateur Radio and making the public aware of what we do by answering their questions. A few of the most frequently asked questions are: What is a Ham Radio Operator? How do I become an Amateur Radio Operator? Where is the testing, and what does it involve? I am a Ham already, where is there a club near me?

This booth was a great opportunity for Amateur Radio Public Awareness. Throughout the years many Hams have visited and signed in on our log sheet. Some Amateur Radio Operators look forward to coming out to the booth every year to volunteer for a few hours, or to do a buttonhole QSO with an Amateur Radio Operator, or even to show a family member or friend what Amateur Radio is all about.

Paul, KC6QLS


Past Parades
For the past five years SANDARC has participated in the Mother Goose Parade by sponsoring a float. This is also a great opportunity for Amateur Radio Public Awareness because we know this works. One year an individual followed the float all the way to the place where the sponsored club participants have their annual after parade luncheon, asked some questions, was given a Tri-Fold, and then he attended the next meeting of that sponsoring club.

Rain or shine, because we have experienced both throughout the years, this gives local Amateur Radio Operators a way to connect with the local community in displaying what they do. In the past, we have had Ken Miller, K6CTW, from the Jay Leno Show as our celebrity guest, and he pounded the brass from start to finish on the parade route making CW contacts.

Paul, KC6QLS

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