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Convention 2014

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Past Del Mar Fair Events

For as long as I can recall, SANDARC has had a booth at the Del Mar San Diego Fair. This is where the Spark was first ignited for me, and started me on my long fun filled path of Amateur Radio.   

SANDARC mumbled about two years ago, to stop supporting a booth at the Del Mar Fair.  But I did the job that I've done the past, setting up and tearing down, booking SANDARC member clubs time slots, and only a few member clubs actually participated in the Del Mar Fair.

Last year SANDARC took it to a vote to ALL member clubs to stop participating.  The measure passed, and SANDARC will no longer support booth at the Del Mar Fair. So it saddens me, to inform people that SANDARC WILL NO longer have a Booth at the Fair, letting the general public know that Amateur Radio is still alive and well in San Diego, Also letting other Amateur Radio Operators know the many different kinds of clubs in town, and when people ask how to get a their license.


Paul Rios, KC6QLS
SANDARC Media Chair


Where is the Booth?

  The question is still going around, “Does SANDARC have a Booth at the San Diego Fair “Del Mar Fair”? If so where is it? The answer is YES! About four years back, we moved to the Pavilion in the Infield, put up an antenna, used Sam’s Desk, and WOW we are here. See the Photos below. SANDARC has most all of the Clubs Tri-Folds, and although some are outdated, they work. I worked Day two of the Fair and had over 28 people ASK ABOUT HAM RADIO! We kept a log and there is a note pad available at the booth for each shift each day to log their contacts as well. The simple question "would you mind signing your name and call or just name if not licensed" is all that is needed for folks to help us document our visitors to this booth.