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Convention 2014

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The San Diego County Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC), Inc. was founded to provide service and support to the San Diego Amateur Radio Community. We do this in many ways, not the least our Volunteer Examiner Program.  SANDARC holds an examination session each and every weekend of the year with the exception of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. This could not be achieved without a group of dedicated volunteers.

SANDARC also sponsors the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention every four years, and we have testing/exams on site.



SANDARC sponsored examinations for Amateur Radio licenses, new and upgrades are provided every Saturday as follows:

To upgrade you MUST have your valid FRN number with you. To get your FRN number please visit: http://www.fcc.gov or better Click here If you do not have a valid FRN no test!

You will also need $5.00 "Cash" for the test.

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Please Note: Testing will stat at 9:00 A.M. last test given at 10:15 A.M .

For special testing session on Saturday afternoons or any other night
(except Weds) contact Michael Maston, N6OPH
619-296-9067/619-972-1148 cell or mastroleo@mindspring.com

*** Please Make a Note: There will be no examinations on the fourth Saturday of November or December in Bonita only.  This is because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Saturday Location Team Leader
1st El Cajon First Lutheran Church
867 South Lincoln Avenue
El Cajon, CA.
9 :00 AM

Gereld N. Madsen - Jerry KI6PLH
(619) 766-9177
Walk-ins Welcome



****ARRL TESTING **** 
Carlsbad Safety Center 
2650 Orion Way
Carlsbad, CA 92010 
9:00 AM

Assi Friedman KK7KX
see info page at
Walk-ins Welcome

3rd North Park Recreation Center
4044 Idaho Street
San Diego, CA.
9:00 AM

Mike Mastion N6OPH
(619) 972-1148
Walk-ins Welcome


LDS Church
3737 Valley Vista Way
Bonita, CA. 91902
9:00 AM

John Schultz, AG6IO
cell 619-507-6842

Walk-ins Welcome

The site requests no tobacco or coffee on the premises.


LDS Stake Center
2255 Felcita Road
Escondido, CA.
09:00 AM

Harry A. Hodges, W6YOO
(760) 743 4212
Walk-ins Welcome

The site requests no tobacco or coffee on the premises.

It is preferred that applicants phone ahead for reservations at least seven days prior to the test date. Walk-ins will be accepted at some test sites if the workload is light and space available.

Special sessions may be arranged for handicapped persons, classes or groups by contacting Michael Maston, N6OPH 619-296-9067 / 619-972-1148 cell or mastroleo@mindspring.com and making arrangements as to date, time and locations. Such special sessions MUST be publicized at least one week prior to the event as per FCC Rules.

E-mail requests should include all data required for filling in an NCVEC-605.

****ARRL TESTING ****  Fee is $15.00

VE Links   Forms (PDF)
http://www.kiloxray.com/vec.   FCC 605 Main Form

Click here for Free Adobe Reader

What Is An FRN?
The FCC Registration Number is a 10-digit number that is assigned to an entity registering with the CORES. The entity that you register will have a unique FRN that is used to identify each entity with the Commission.

How To Obtain An FRN
Everyone doing business with the FCC is encouraged to obtain an FRN as soon as possible. There are two ways to obtain an FRN. Most entities that have previously registered with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau's Universal Licensing System (ULS) will automatically be registered in CORES. The entity is not required to register with CORES again. Those entities will receive a registration letter concerning the conversion to CORES and FRN.

You can also register electronically for an FRN at http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home and click on the CORES Registration link, or by filing FCC Form 160, CORES Registration which may be obtained either at http://www.fcc.gov/formpage.html or by calling the FCC's Form Distribution Center at 1-800-418-FORM [3676]. Mailing instructions are found on the form.

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